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When I was growing up, I never knew what I wanted to be… who I wanted to be… I always thought about what I maybe saw myself doing in the future but I never had the passion for those things. I always felt weird not knowing what I wanted to do as an adult while my friends around me were going to college left and right for things they were so passionate about! So I asked myself “what are YOU passionate about?” I couldn’t answer myself because I honestly didn’t know. In high school, I went from job to job, and I always felt like I never belonged there. I worked at fast food places & restaurants and that was just not what I wanted. I hated working in the food industry! Well then eventually I worked at this salon my junior/senior year of highschool and I believe that is what started my love for all things beauty!!!

When I worked at the salon, I felt included!! I felt like I had found my spot in life! Even though I only answered phones, made appointments, cleaned towels, cleaned hair color bowls, swept, and stocked hair color I still felt like I was apart of a family! But as each day went by, I just didn’t have that passion to actually do hair.. as the years went by I started feeling hopeless! Like I would never find my passion.. all up until I found YouTube… I got sucked into watching makeup tutorials!! Like I swear I watched at least 100 tutorials a day!!! Then one day after watching all those videos I felt like I needed to try to do what I saw in those videos I felt confident enough to try on my own! My husband and I went to Walmart that night and grabbed all the cheap makeup I could dream of and I went to town on all of it!!!! The first couple of times I applied the makeup, I can honestly say it was a FAIL !! Haha!! But I kept at it! I ending up doing makeup everyday!! Each day I did makeup I could see the improvement!! I would literally be watching tutorials while trying to do the same look!

With each passing day, I felt more and more confident to share my looks in makeup groups! I always asked for CC (Constructive Criticism) to help me improve! Although some people were very rude, I also used their comments improve as well!! But you have to remember that you can’t always please everyone all the time! As I got better at makeup, I started to collect it like a hoarder.. hahaha!! But I always pictured my name on the front of those products! I wanted to create something beautiful, unique, affordable and MY OWN!!! So my husband and I spent months and months doing our research about things we needed to do and have for starting our own business. It was not easy and not cheap at all!!!! But it definitely showed me what I was passionate about because I spent hours and hours of the day just doing things for our business! I put everything into trying to create a name for myself! Speaking of names! It was so incredibly hard for us to even come up with a business name! We had no clue what to call it! But then I remember I always had a little hashtag that I used whenever I did share makeup photos and it was #makeupbychey… and I thought “hmmm, that’s kinda perfect” haha! Well at that point, I knew that was the name! It was so self-explanatory without being too much!!

So with us finally having a name we decided it was time to play around with some products! We started off with our “OG Collection” (OG- Original Glitters) it was a collection of 6 custom fine glitters. It was so amazing when we first launched them! We already had so many amazing people from those beauty groups that followed us and our journey! So when we launched those glitters they went fast! After those, we launched some stunning fall pigments, followed by some beautiful highlights for all skin tones! We had a white shimmer, a rose gold shimmer (that was and still is my FAVVVV) and a beautiful gold that would be stunning on any dark-skinned queen!!! But everything just felt so surreal !!! Having people tag ME in their makeup looks using MY products !!! I loved it!!! I mean I still do love it just as much but the first time is just a special moment for a new business owner!!! But as time went by I knew I had to make my mark on this beauty community!!! One day I was scrolling threw Facebook and I saw this crazy bright neon pigment stack from this chick named Angelina.. it looked awesome so I purchased one! It took so so long to get to me and when I did get it and I had opened the bag and pigment was everywhere!

So being that was my first ever experience with ordering from a small business I let it go! But before I had the chance to even use it, I started seeing a crazy amount of posts about her! People saying that they were scammed and that they ordered before I did and never got theirs and were blocked for asking for updates! After enough people had made posts about her she must have deleted her page because no one could find her! Soooo long story short, I felt horrible!!! I felt like I needed to make it right for all of those people who were scammed! So I created and launched a neon stack and dedicated it to the people who were taken advantage of! But little did I know that we would literally sell out of 160 neon stacks in one day!!! Everyone received theirs in a timely manner and I honestly think that was the beginning of something beautiful!!!! We’ve had an amazing amount of love and support from all of our followers and friends and I can’t ever thank them enough!!!! Without all of them, we wouldn’t be here today, and I truly mean that ❤️ Without all of their support, I wouldn’t have been able to meet some of the most amazing people in my life my besties!!!! (Alex, Lauren & Tiva shout out to my main girls 💖) 

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